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Dear Family,

I am Jelly Ann, but you can call me Jhelai, I turned 29 last Aug.8, from Philippines.Being eldest daughter/friend I am warm hearted,kind,patience,matured,initiative,openminded,funny,easy to be with & friendly person.I love to cook,making pastries,play with the kids & lastly hiking.I love being out in nature with all weathers.

I know one of a big challenge to parent's that your children are more attractive to gadgets now rather than to do some out door games and interact with other kid's in the neighborhood to play with.But if you give me a chance to be your eldest daughter/Big Sister to them I'm happy to help you & specially your kid's,I will introduced them our traditional Filipino games like Piko,Langit-Lupa,Tagu-taguan & lot's more & I make sure each day brings new excitements to us if you letting me to be your eldest daughter.

I know taking care of kids is a big challenge, the most challenging but one of the MOST REWARDING and MOST MEMORABLE experiences in my whole life. I will love these children unconditionally and show them that the world is full of wonderful people and I teach them that no matter what they going to face in life,they will never be alone.

Being your eldest daughter/friend in your family I will give you a stress free & balancing life.You can rest assured with their SAFETY & SECURITY while you're not at home.I am also very familiar to house hold chores & be your extra hands at home.I am excited to cook for your family.I will introduce you to some Filipino dishes & I want to learn your cuisine too.I will respect & follow your house rules.

I have so many things to say to you & I am sure you too had many questions for me also.I am very willing to set some video call interview anytime so that we can see each other & to know more each other.

Maybe I may not make a ton of money,but I'll make a ton of HAPPY MEMORIES and MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES with your children.Thank you for reading my letter & hope to meet you soon.

Jelly Ann