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Dear Family,

Good day!
I am Cherry Ann , 24 years old and a registered nurse in the Philippines. I am a very hard working and responsible woman. I have childcare experiences since I was the one who helped my brother in taking care of his daughter since he is a single dad. I've been helping him since my niece is still 1 year old. My niece is now 7 years old. I use to prepare my niece's food, bathe her,dress her, sending and picking up from school, and we play around also, then prepare her to sleep. 

I am the only girl among 4 siblings so it is expected from me to do mostly of the household activities and help my mother in cooking our dishes. I am a very eager to finish my studies that's why I worked hard since my parent's cannot provide us everything we need. In college, I need to do household chores in my aunt's house and also I am a caretaker of her house when nobody's home, in return she pays for my tuition. In my high school life, I used to spend some of my time in tutoring my younger cousins in different subjects to earn extra.I am flexible and very willing to learn to adjust in different situations. I am very commited to my tasks but I know how to admit mistakes and accept criticisms to improve my skills and performance.

My hobbies includes going to beaches, watching movies, karaoke singing, I also want to spend my extra time in dancing zumba as exercise, I am adventurous and loves travelling.

I find au pair as a great opportunity to travel and learn different cultures specially in EU countries. I am very fluent in english and since I am a nurse here in the Philippines, I can apply all my knowledge in taking care of your kids and be their private nurse. I also know how to cook and very willing to learn your favorite dishes. I will really do my best to perform my tasks efficiently and appropriately. I am honest, optimistic and with good sense of humor. I will do my best to be a good role model of the children I handle. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Cherry Ann