Au pair candidate - Mary Grace

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Dear Family,
Hi! I'am Grace. First of all I would like to thanked you all for accepting me as one of your family even though you don't know me well. If I'am given a chance to live with you, I will do anything to make us all feel comfortable to each other. I want to share all the things that i love to do. I'am the kind of person that really loves watching movies. (horror,comedy,adventures and romance). I also love listening to music. I sing every time I heard a song even though I'am not a singer I love to sing. I also love dancing. I express myself and my feelings through dancing and it makes me feel happy and also i like kids. I hope we can catch up. I'm really happy if I'am given a chance to go there. Thank you very much.
My Future plans are: First, I want to earn money for my family, I want to buy them a house because we are living only in a small house that doesn't have a room. So, I will work hard to buy them a house in order for them to live comfortably. Second, I will work hard to help my brother to finish his study. Third, If I'am become a successful, I want to help and support my relatives and give them what they need. Fourth, I want to get a job, a job that can help other people. I want to work with many people like in the community. I'd like to work as a Public Health Nutritionist- Dietitian because I want to help people in the community on how to become healthy and give them tips on becoming a healthy person. Nowadays, some people are having a hard time when it comes to their health and most especially the kids, most of them are malnourish. That's why I want to get a job like this, a job that can help people. And lastly, I want to travel abroad with my friends and see beautiful places. Thank you very much and Godbless.