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United Arab Emirates
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Let me start by saying Good morning or Good evening depending on the time you’re reading my letter. My name is Jam. I am 24 year old travel enthusiast and currently residing in Abu Dhabi the capital city of United Arab Emirates. I very much enjoy being outdoors, being with my friends and family, going for walks, visiting places I have not been to, and reading a good book. I come from a family of 5. My mom, Julie is a self-employed and runs a small fish retail shop in the market of Bayugan City, Philippines (My hometown). I have two brothers, Chemin who is the middle child will be turning 18 this year, while Karl being youngest still on his 14 and in his second year of high school. I am the eldest and the only daughter of the family and I took up BS. Hotel and Restaurant Management during college. I come to an age where I want to experience life beyond my comfort zone, and I think spending a year or two outside Middle East would be very interesting.When it comes to childcare experience, I grew up taking care of my two younger brothers since birth, plus I am very much exposed and surrounded with children from cousins, to nieces and nephews from my early years. My dad died when I was young while my mom works full time to cover all our expenses and being young as I was once the only way I can help her is by taking care of my younger brothers and studying very hard while she’s away. I spent 2 months (Last November 2017 – January 2018) as a babysitter for an Emirati family as a temporary replacement. During those time I am responsible for Raed (Almost 3) breakfast and lunch meal, his laundry, light snacks and his daily nap, also spend a lot of time playing. Throughout this duration although it’s short, but it’s very fulfilling and I learn and grow a lot and had a proper understanding towards Emirati family. I can comfortably say that I sincerely enjoy spending time with children. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you -JAM