Au pair candidate - Debuyan

Candidate 147650
Reference ID:
Current country
Hong Kong
Native language
Marital status
Can swim
Has got driver license
High education
Has experience in childcare
Preferred startup date
November 2019
Foreign language(s)
Chinese (Simplified)

Dear Host Family,
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
I am C. Debuyan, 27 years of age. I live in Bacolod City, Philippines. I graduated 5 years ago from University Of St. Lasalle Bacolod with Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. I am the fourth child in the family. I have 3 older sisters and 2 youngest brother. My two sisters already have their own family. I also have 1neice and 1 nephew. My mom is working in Hongkong as a domestic helper and my dad is working in a construction project.
I am currently working here in hongkong as a Nanny or Domestic Helper for 2 years. I work in a chinese family and they are all 6 members in the family. I took care 2 children ages 16 and 11. Both of them are boys and I also took care of their grandmother and grandfather. I will going to finish my 2 years contract this October 2019.
My hobbies in life are cooking, baking, and sometimes i like to go on adventure just like hiking and traveling other places. In my spare time i always cook some food like pasta, main dish and i also bake some cookies, pizza, cakes and bread. But until now I'm still learning how to bake some bread and etc. I also join in some baking classes so that i can enhance more my knowledge in baking and cooking. Sometimes I also make my own recipe or my own version when it comes to cooking. My dreams in life is to become a Proffesional Chef someday or to have my own Restaurant or Cafe. I know that someday i can achieve it. In God's perfect time. Because I believe that dreams do come true if you believe and have faith in yourself. Nothing is Impossible.
My work experience as a Domestic helper is very challenging but i manange to overcome it all. At first its very difficult because of language barrier. But i really try my best to do whatever it takes so that no problem will come out. You must have strong attitude and need to be more patience and undersatnding at the same time in dealing with children or your work.