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Dear Host Family, My name is Angela. We are 7 in the family. My parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the 4th child. My eldest sister has 2 children ages 13 & 9 and also my other brother ages 5 & 4. I have decided to be an Au Pair because I really want to travel from the other side of the world. It is really my dream. I also want give myself a break from my daily routine and wanted to try other stuff or something new that is interesting for me. So I decided to apply here. The thought of knowing your culture, lifestyle and language will definitely make me wonder and curious and for that I am really eager to learn/know about it. Having knowledge of your culture will definitely expand my familiarity on the uniqueness of your country and accepting the differences. Dealing with you lifestyle will also be a great thing to know since I’ll be staying in your home and there I will be able to understand your world, beliefs, habits and practices. And your language, that I will be pleased to learn so I can communicate clearly with your family. Aside from culture-knowing, I believe that I have an experience in childcare, which is substantial to the program. I have 2 nieces (my sister’s children) and have been seeing them as they grow up. When I was 12 years old, I started to take good care of my eldest niece every summer vacation while her parents were out for work. Honestly, it was really challenging for me because at a young age I was able to do that task. Being their Aunt, I am obliged to give love and care like they are my siblings or my own. Also, to control my patience, be friendly and jolly as I can because I am the role model and they should see how to be a good example for them to follow.
If you accept me on sponsoring to the program, you will not regret it. I will make sure that my stay will be as productive as I can and will make memorable memories with you and your kid/s. Thank you and I hope you consider me as your au pair. Best, Gela