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Dear my future host family, my name is Gracia. I am 27 years old. Now I am currently working as an academic support in the University in Surabaya. Surabaya is located in the east of Java, Indonesia. Have you been to Indonesia before? :) I study French in IFI since 6 months ago and I fall in love with the language. I have graduated in Tourism and Hospitality. I have one younger sister, now she is working as a journalist in Surakarta - Central Java. My friends considered me as generous, caring, good listener, funny, mature, organized, independent. I have lived separate from my parents since I was in the University.
My hobby is singing, I can play guitar and piano. My favorite sports are yoga, swimming and thai boxing. I have joined thai boxing and yoga circa 2016 until now. I do really love to cook. I usually cook for my self and sometimes I am cooking for my friends toewo. We have shared our food when we are arrived in the office. My dad was an English teacher but now he is retired, my mom is working in the Hospital as a Medical Record. I participated in a ASEAN Tourism delegation, it was held in Burapha University Thailand when I was still in the University. I love children and always will because they are carefree and fruitful. It feels like, when you are tired then you come home to see your kids, suddenly your tired is gone in a second. Seeing them smile and happy is a biggest joy you've never had.
About my weaknesses, well sometimes I get a fluctuate mood and act childish, but no worries I still can handle that, and I think I’m a playing safe person, I don’t like it also, so I hope, You, my future host parent can help me with Your west thought, help me “out from the box”. So, please accept me as an au pair in your family, a new member of the family, and we can spend the whole year together, I promise you will not regret it. Thanks & God bless you & the children.