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Ariane joy
Dear family
First of all thank you for taking time to read my letter ;)
My name is ariane Joy you can call me yhan.Im a jolly person.Im a nice person I do love taking care of kids they are too cute and I love playing with them i have a lot of patience..I can do cook and do household chores .i do respect people as they respect me,I do really love to go in Europe to see those beautiful people and nature’s.

I have a little brother we adopted him so when my mama is not around I’m the one who take care of him by the way his now 6 years old and still a little baby boy..
And currently I don’t have work since I came back so now i do taking care of my little brother when my mama is busy I feed my little brother and sometimes sent him to school..

I like going to a park especially when spring comes and also autum season are great ^_^ I already finished my contract in japan and I’m currently here in the Philippines which is my home and I’m ready for another culture to be experience with you .i would really really love to know how your culture do .
Hope my letter make you a little bit smile on your face thank you have a great day .

I may have this short letter but I assure you that you my future host family wouldn’t regret to choose me ,I do love my family and I will love your family as I love my family too thank you
Please do choose me before I get 30 I get the chance to see your beautiful country :)

You can fully trust me
I would love to see my future host family.