Au pair candidate - Sarita

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Chinese (Simplified)

I was babysitting at Denla school Bangkok ( English program Kindergarten school ) I have taken care of 17 students ( per 1 room) in the average ages from 1- 6 years old. My major duty when students come to school tell them ..take of your shoes then put in shoes cabinet take student come in room I was preparing breakfast and milk give to them. after that before English teacher come.. take them to the bathroom .In class taught them to read ( How to read aloud A,B,C .. or Thai Language or Number ) and how to write &spell, drawing ,paint, dance ( English easy music for child ) and play games with them during playtime .In one day of the week they have swimming class .My duty are change swimwear one by one then take them to a teacher swimming .. When I finished , I would take them to take a shower and change my school uniform

and I have my lovely nephew .we usually playing together the his was baby right now ..his 3 years old like to learn the new things and run around home.

I often propose drawing and painting activities to my brother and sister and really enjoy anything related to art, whether it be museums, crafting, I also love kayaking and spending time outdoors camping and hiking with friends.In my spare time I love going to travelling in Thailand and many country England, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and etc.

Being creative has always been intrinsic to who I am as a person and I love to dabble with all forms of art ( drawing, photography, painting, knitting, etc!) Photography is one of the hobbies I have that I enjoy the most, because it means every photos have a stories and good moments . I like to take photo from film camera or usally digital camera .I'm not professional but I do my best .maybe is option for me to keep a camera handy for you guys to make the mementos for the future for you guys when you look back that's why I took this picture, good memories