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Hi to my future host family, I am Marga, 23 years old from Philippines. I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education. I took this course because I want to share my knowledge, skills and ability. I am passionate in teaching because my heart belongs to it. I like interacting with children/students, I want to guide them to their future. I come from a small family my mother and my 3 siblings. My father died in an accident year 2015. My two siblings are already married. I have two nieces and a nephew. I took care of them when they were still a baby. Their parents trusted me to look for their children because they know I love playing with kids. My mother is a teacher, a single parent. She has raised us all by herself. I am really proud to those single parents out there, I salute you! My mother taught me a lot of things like house chores and cooking, she trained me how to be independent in her own way. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING that I will always remember is to never break anyone's trust because it the strong foundation of every relationship.
Filipino are best known for being hospitable, smiling and caring.I am excited to meet all of you; I am looking forward for the a memorable bond we are going to create during my stay in your family. To be an Au Pair is one my goals; I want to experience it because why not? I love meeting new people with different nationality. It will be a new experience to me. And I am also excited taking care of your lovely children. I have experienced lot of child care like changing diapers, cook meals, and etc. And I believe that one of the key to a child’s heart is to know their wants, needs and interest. In that way, you can get a long well and they will love you for that. I treat children as if they are my siblings. This kind of opportunity is once in a lifetime; I will grab it as long as I know I can; I know I am qualified to ne an Au Pair. And I am also looking forward for the adventures, fun and activities we will do.