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Dear future host family,

Good day. My name is Dianne I'm 21 will be 22 this July and I'm from Philippines.We are a family of 6 members, my mom, my dad, my half brother which is the eldest, my older sister, me and our youngest. I studied Bacelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management but I didn't finished my degree due to some conflicts. I attended several trainings such as housekeeping services, commercial cooking, fire safety which includes first aid and etc. I was also a trainee in a hotel and ship. At this point in my life I would like to experience something new like travelling abroad, meet new friends from other countries and Iearn different languages as well. I am friendly, polite, independent, respectful, easy to talk to and full of compasion. I love to learn and discover new things. I love to travel and explore, I traveled a lot alone around our region. My hobbies are reading novels , cooking, baking, listening to music 'cause i love music and sometimes I do paint. I have a lot of experiences working in a hotel and ship as a housekeeper, waitress and cook. In terms of working with children, I am used to look after children before since we have a lot of kids around our home their parents will leave the kids to me and its not a problem to me beacause I love kids so you can trust me with your kids. We did some activities like playing, reading books and painting. I also teach them how to read, write and riding a bicycle/bike. Since I was young I have a passion in taking care of animals , I love taking care of pets especially dogs and cats. When im still studying I lived in a dorm because my school is far from home so I am used in living away from my family so being homesick is not a problem for me.
Thats all I can say about me. I hope you'll like me Thank you for your time. Take care. God bless your family.

Sincerely ,