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Dear future host family,
A pleasant day to you! I wrote this to introduce myself and to borrow your attention for just one minute of your time to read my letter. My name is Mariz, but you can call me “Riz”. I am 20 years old, single, from Romblon, Philippines. I am an aspiring au pair who is applying to be an au pair to join and be part of your family. As of now, I am taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education at Romblon State University.I heard about the au pair and it seemed interesting to me.The program of exchanging culture system between the host family and au pair candidate. I want also to learn and experience the culture and language of other countries, that’s why my dream right now is to explore some parts of the world and I hope au pairing is a good opportunity for me to fulfil my dreams in life I came from a broken family of five. I have two sisters and I am the youngest sibling. Though my parents got separated, we all still have good relationship to each other. By that, I always keep myself stronger, positive thinker and independent person. When it comes to work experience, I have a record of providing a quality childcare because I worked as a part-time babysitter for 1 year and also as a housekeeper.I really love and enjoy playing with kids because they are so cute and very adorable.
Some of my task was to take care and look after the kids. I also make their meals and snacks. I usually do playing with the kids, reading stories, and tidy up their rooms. Sometimes I took them in the park and shopping malls. I would describe myself as passionate, responsible, patient, initiative, honest, open-minded, respectful, and hardworking. I hope you can give a chance to be part of your family to prove myself that I can be a big sister to your kids and to be able to learn some of your culture. I would be happy to start my au pair journey in your family and to your country.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,