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Hi Host Family!

Thank you for reading my letter. To start with my name is Mary Claire, 24 year's old and currently living here in Taguig City Philippines but I came from the small town in the province of Negros Occidental.. I finished Associate in Visual Graphic Design and took a short course in Culinary arts that is why I can say that I am an expert in web designs and cooking. I'm now working as a Private tutor in a foreign family here in the Philippines and a full time office staff in a corporate company. I takecare and teach kids from 3-15years old. I also do household chores like tidying, washing dishes, folding/ironing clothes, marketing/groceries, washing clothes and cooking meals. I have interest in doing blogs, sports and reading I am a food lover too.

I may not have Aupair experience but I heard being an aupair is much exciting and fun. So I am trying to look for a host family that would be happy to accept me as part of there family and in return I will love and care for my future siblings I will play, teach and share my culture to your family while I am also learning about your culture. If you would allow me to take good care of your kids you will not regret because I will give my very best for them giving them a perfect food and do household chores.

I really wish to become an aupair because I want to explore more, I want to discover different places, cultures, I want to live and study abroad.I wanted to learn different language and meet with different people. I also want to experience SNOW and want to build a SNOWMAN. I really wanted to travel outside of the Philippines and Europe is always my dreams but since its not that easy to enter the EU countries. So I'm looking for a Family. I already have a Philippine Passport and would have to do my VISA if I am accepted as Aupair. I can assure you that you will not regret to have me as a big sister to your child and your family.

Mary Claire