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Nuvarande land
Marital status
Has got driver license
Has experience in childcare
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Native language
Foreign language skills
Thai   Proficient
Nepali   Proficient
English   Upper Intermediate

Au pair Rattana in Thailand
Dear future host families, information below, including my hobbies and motivations

My hobbies, including: reading book, exercising and exploring new places

- Read book
I read books such as self-improvement books or novels because it helps me succeed in my life, work and relationships with people.

- Exercise
I exercise everyday such as yoga, jogging, swimming or walking in the park. I do all these activities in order to stay healthy and strong. I would be happy to walk in the park with your kids :)

- Explore new places
When I don’t know what I want in my life, I love to explore new places because it changes the perspective of life which I have been living all this time and I also enjoy capturing the moment because the day will end but memories last forever <3

My motivation

- I have experience being a nanny in my country but I never have experience in Europe. Because of this reason, I would like to be an Aupair in your country and I am
pretty sure that I can do well and have a wonderful time with your kids.

- I would like to experience how my life would be around people who speak English or other languages because I have never been to Europe before.

- I don’t want to watch a Christmas movie on Netflix anymore. I would like to celebrate Christmas in your country.

- Because we don’t have snow in Thailand, I would like to use this opportunity to experience a snowfall once in a lifetime.