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Au pair Havva in Netherlands
Dear host family

I am Havva . I am 25 years old and I am currently an aupair in the Nederland. My aupair year will end on august so I am looking for a new family after my year ends. I am looking for host-family in Sweden or Denmark.
I love being and aupair because I love children a lot and I love spending time with them. I am very energetic , reliable and warm person. I was always good with kids. I was a nanny for 8 months and I was in another city in Turkey. It was an experience like an aupair too except it was in Turkey. We are playing games together, going to the park, going to the cinema , playing with legos , playing with his toys ,reading book, making puzzle, exercising, fishing , playing with tennis, basketball, soccer, swimming, going to the waterpark, going to the library. I cook for them and do whatever they need. I am very happy with the kids. I am also feeling very comfortable when I am with kids. They see me as a friend but i can keep my place. I was studying nursing at the university and i know first aid and i know what to do when they are sick and not feel well. I can understand easily what they need and i try to help them . sometimes they are very energetic and i can be very energetic with them. playing with balls or riding a bike, jumping or dancing or more. Sometimes they are less energetic and at that time i can paint with them or playing with legos or other toys. If there is no toy around us I can creative things and make a game for us. I have a lot of games like that. I can explain them to you if you want to make a video call with me. I love music and I want to do a lot of musical activities with kids. I am a very adaptable person and easy to communicate with. I have been playing violin for almost 10 years. I am getting private lessons currently from a student at the conservatory. I prepared an application video but its on youtube. I prepared it before I came to the Nederland.
I love travelling , music and learning new things. After I left my school I decided to travel the world. I was a backpacker and travelling around the world until covid started. I have been over than 20 countries in this time and learn a lot and meet a lot of people and had great experiences. After covid things didn't go well with travelling and so I decided to be an aupair in the Nederland. Because of consulate working time and all the line it took long time to get my visa also the family wanted to wait for a while so I was in Turkey at this time. By the way I got 4 vaccines and all of them are biontech pfizer. I really want to be an aupair because I like kids so much. They are adorable and I am getting alone well with them. They are mostly easy with me. I say this because when their parent come to home they can get crazy sometimes. But with me things are great. I love cooking also. I like cooking different things and trying new tastes. I also think about getting some cooking classes when I start travelling again. I am very organized and clean person. Also practical person. I like it when I keep clean and organized around. I also want to be an aupair because I would like to know the culture and meet new friends and having great experiences. I know that I will have a lot of free time also and I would like to improve my violin skills and learning about 3d animation and doing exercises and all other things. when I have free time I would like to have a trip to other cities also other countries if I have enough free time. I am looking forward to find a family.
My experiences: my cousins (age 5 to6) , my other cousin ( 0 to 3), aupairing in Turkey (6), aupairing in the Nederlands (2,5)
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best reagards,