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Au pair Manuela in Argentina
Dear Family,
I am a 22-year-old girl from Argentina named Manuela. Now I’m studying chemical engineering at a university in Rosario, Santa Fe. I attended a school specialized in humanities and social sciences in San Nicolas named Instituto Aire Libre where my family lives and it’s located in Buenos Aires. Both of my parents went to university. My father is a lawyer likewise my mother. Due to Covid at the beginning of the year my dad, unfortunately, passed away and I want to take a year abroad like a gap year doing what we liked the most, traveling, opening up to new cultures, and learning languages (by the way he spoke Italian, French, English and obviously Spanish). I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can do this next year. I would like to learn a language in a native environment and improve my English. And what better way than doing what I like! I love spending time with children and learning everything they can teach me every day. They learn a lot from us, but we learn more from them than we think. To me, it's wonderful to see them growing up with us and learning, little by little, to be more independent. I would love to meet your lifestyle, your habits, and your country, which I greatly admire. Because of these reasons, I decided to try myself abroad and be an au pair. I would like to spend in there from 9 to 12 months or maybe more. I live in a small family with my mom and my 16 y.o. sister attending secondary school. But luckily, I have my four grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins by my side.
We are a very close family; we spend a lot of time together and for me that is awesome. They support my decision and they are very happy for me. I personally, love doing sports. I did lots of them for years. I played Hockey on the field, swimming, and played volleyball. I have a driving license with good background and a good few years of experience mostly with manual cars.
I am a friendly and social person. I'm hardworking and can handle pressure. I am expecting that this experience will enhance my skills in taking good care of children. I’m sure I will dive into their culture since I will be working in a home with native people. I do most of the household chores, help my sister and cousins with their lessons, and answer questions if they have. I really think that I can perform the job very well knowing that I do have experience when it comes to children. I can assure you that I will be a good au pair to the family that I will be living in.
I love reading books and newspaper every day when I have some leisure time, I mainly like to listen to music but listening to the radio too, also watching films, traveling and learning about other cultures and ways of life, meeting new people, talking and sharing experiences, going out with friends or preparing lunch or dinner with my family or with my friends too. I like healthy eating, cooking, and trying new flavors but, therewith, I love making cakes and butter or chocolate cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, and fruit smoothies. I find it very entertaining teaching children how to prepare desserts and funny smoothies. I like to stay at home and cook but I also like nature and go for a walk or do whatever makes you move your body.
I am so excited about the opportunity to know you better and to be a member of your family. I hope I have entertained and captivated you while you were reading my letter and knowing a bit more about me and my dream.