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Au pair Elen in France
Dear host family,

Hey! I am Elen, a French girl born and raised in Brittany. I am 21 years old and I just graduated with a Bachelor's degree where I studied business and marketing. My goal, once my gap year is over, is to integrate a Master's degree specialized in marketing at the beginning of the 2023/24 academic year in order to work in the field of luxury, which has always been my dream.

I have many likes and interests such as reading thrillers on cozy evenings, long walks on the beach, watching movies with my pet dog Nahia, surfing and paddleboarding, yoga in the morning, dancing, travelling...

Thanks to my personal experiences and my long-term trips to English-speaking countries, I am quite fluent in English, written and spoken, I also speak a little Spanish, and of course, I am eager to learn more languages as I go along!

In addition to that, I've also had a few experiences with childcare. Indeed, I've worked both for private individuals where I looked after a two-year-old boy (I enjoyed playing with him, taking him out on walks, going to park together, I also took care of prepping lunch and dinner, putting him to sleep, changing his nappies, bath time); and also for my family, where I had such a great time taking care of my little cousins on many occasions (baby-sitting during their parent's vacation, helping them with some household chores, taking them to their extracurricular activities/to the park/ for a walk outside, prepping lunch, dinner and snack time). I truly value the time spent with them because those moments taught me about myself and my abilities. I learned about patience with them, the importance of listening and bonding with each other, the need to set up a creative and stimulating learning environment through daily activities, and so on…

I as often say to my close ones, family and friendship have always been values that I hold dear, and that's why I wish to find a place that I can call home for a few months :)

Warmest regards,