The right au pair for the right Family
ref. ID
Nuvarande land
Marital status
Has got driver license
Has experience in childcare
Preferred startup date
Native language
Foreign language skills
Thai   Proficient
English   Elementary
German   Beginner

Au pair Natcha in Thailand
Dear host family
My name is Natcha was born and living in Bangkok i graduated with bachelor's degree in the faculty of industrial education and technology in major applied computer Science Multi media at King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi

Presently i am working at department of foreign trade i don't have any brother or sister my father died lives with my mother she is 53 years old working as a trade

Why I want to be an aupair
During i work with kid make me confident i found true my self i love to working with child i am happier With all the qualities I have, I'm sure I can be more than an Aupair
I want to learn a new language, culture, and experience with children. because he likes to teach children to draw Teach English easily enough and will help children understand better. And good my job in the future
Likes to develop yourself by learning new things very calm person Always listen to the reasons people around you. and ready to support every things that you can help yourself Never refused to help anyone.
Believable because when friends Or friends who work with problems will always come to consult us

In my free time I like doing activities out door night safari ,hiking
My skill
sport ex :Bowling , badminton
drawing and art
Play Thai music
Beginner German
Nice house keeper
Happy to work with Single mom
Pet friendly

People close to me often say that I am a person., I am talkative, generous ,clam person, patient, friendly, easy going, gentle, cheerful ,creative warmth, reasonable, honest, has a sense of responsibility.

Volunteer at the Hmong Village, Chiang Mai Teach English subjects for children aged 35, and also teach children art 58, teach crayons and watercolors for 7 days.
Made teaching materials and went to teach the religious subjects But I do in the art section. And went to teach the children how to draw, teach how to add numbers, teach English pronunciation for grade 1 3 students.
Teach your friend's sister's homework. When I had covid, my sister studied online. Teach English, Thai, art for 3 months.
Helping aunts to raise grandchildren in Nakhon Phanom, 2 people, 3 years old, 1 person, 5 years old, 1 person during the summer for about 3 months
Teaching English, teaching art to my children in Grade 6, tutoring before the entrance exams to Grade 1 every Friday Sunday, 3 hours a day.
Help teach Thai, English, numbers, Kindergarten School, Ritthiyawanalai, Kindergarten 13 from Sep. 64 present.
Helping to take care of children and teach them to do activities mostly art at nursery since Jan. 65 – person

Hopefully that my personal information and my qualification would fulfill to your requirements of Au pair. I am looking forward to getting a good opportunity of being a part of your family. Please kindly consider me as your Au pair. Thank you very much for your reading

Best Regards,