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Au pair Jessa in Vietnam
Dear Host Family,

I hope you’re all doing well as you read my letter.

My name is Jessa Meiz and I would like to tell you more about myself. Like many other Filipinas, I would always dream of living and working in a foreign country. It’s not that I don’t like my country, Philippines, but it’s because I always wanted to see the beauty of other countries, meet other people and learn about their culture and traditions. Hearing about being an Au Pair made me excited for I can feel that this dream will soon become a reality. I have always been fascinated with European countries especially Netherland, with their beautiful lakes and mountains and wonderful places to visit. I’ve learned that people living there are nice and friendly.

My family is a typical Filipino family. There are my parents and my two other sisters. My father works in a hotel as a cook and my mother, now a plain housewife, used to work as a teacher in a Day Care Center for years. I guess I got my fondness for kids from my mother. She has this certain charm that makes it easier for her to get along with kids. I have a good relationship with my family and even our extended family. Filipinos are known for that. I am proud to say that we are a big family living in love and harmony. I graduated as an Elementary teacher because this is my dream as a kid. I used to pretend that I am teacher when I was child and use our door as a blackboard to write and draw. While studying in College, I also do part time jobs baby sitting my cousins during weekends. There was also a time when I have to stop for a year in college due to financial constraints. During that time, I worked as a babysitter. I would prepare my cousins to school, making sure they take their meal and help them dress and walk them to school. I would wait for them until the end of their class hours and would walk them home. It was hard for their mother, may aunt, when I continued my college studies the following year since my cousins wouldn’t go to school without me. Part of my college degree is practice teaching. I was given the chance to teach elementary students for two schools - private and public. This is when I used all the things I learned in college and my passion for teaching kids grew stronger. After I graduated from college, I worked in a hotel as a Front Office Associates for quite some time. After leaving the hotel, I worked as an online tutor for Chinese kids and adults. Working as a tutor has been a challenged at first since that was my first time teaching foreigners but my passion for teaching, combined with my dedication and perseverance made me overcome the difficulties. I took trainings to help me develop personally and professionaly and for all the time that I’ve been working there, I am always recognized as a top tutor for having more booked classes and high ratings from my students. This motivated me so much that I strived to do better for my students. Last 2019, I got an opportunity to go to Vietnam to apply as a teacher. I took the chance and left my country. Shortly after I arrived here in Vietnam, the pandemic started and schools were closed. To be able to cover my expenses while living here, I continued my online tutorials. Some of my students from my previous company still want me as their tutors so they personally hired me. After the situation improved, I was hired as a part time personal tutor to some kids who still can’t go to school. I also worked in a Korean school teaching kids aged 2-4 years old. Unfortunately, the school closed for financial reasons. I love everything about teaching kids and it made me sad when I had to leave my Koreans students.Luckily, a lot of other schools were trying to hire me and I am currently employed as a teacher in Montessori and at the same time, still doing online tutorials after school hours. Every day with kids is never tiring. I teach them, dance and sing with them and play with them. There were laughters when we’re having fun and tears when they throw tantrums but everyday is a fulfillment as they “Good morning Teacher”.