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Au pair Ropofadzo in Zimbabwe
Link to my introduction video: LdCfRqqS

Dear Host family,

My name is Ropofadzo FN . I was born on the 19th of October in 2001. I am 21 years old. I stay in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, that is where I have spent my entire life. In Bulawayo, I stay in Montrose which is a small neighbourhood. All the local people are like family as they have watched me grow and I’ve grown up with them. I grew up in a neighbourhood where everyone considers the next person as family. We all know each other. I have looked after some of the children in my neighbourhood when their family members were unavailable and I’ve also been looked after by the older children in my neighbourhood. I've been babysitting younger children since the time I was in primary school. During that time l started gaining experience in caring for children.

I speak Ndebele, Shona, English and a little German. I have an A1 German language certificate.

I completed high school in 2020 and have had no formal employment. I have occasionally helped out my uncle with his cake business and have also done some babysitting as I had a lot of free time. In high school, I used to be a part of the debate and public speaking team, and media club and I played a little bit of basketball. I was also a member of my city’s Junior City Council, the Bulawayo Junior City Council. There I served as an Honourable Councillor. With the Bulawayo Junior City Council, I got to take part in a lot of community projects.

I tried out tennis in high school but I wasn’t any good, I still just enjoyed it even though I did not understand what was going on. In Debate and public speaking, I served on the board as the Disciplinarian. My duty was to handle any disputes that would arise, maintain order and make ensure that the rules were being followed. I really enjoyed debate and public speaking, it would help me see things from several perspectives.

My hobbies are Reading books, listening to music, Baking, trying new recipes And also making my own recipes. I also enjoy doing craft activities like beading. My favourite thing is baking. I like the process and the results. The process allows me to be as creative as I want to be adding things at the top of my head. Looking at the result makes me happy because it is a creation made by my hands although it’s been a while, I enjoy playing basketball. I’ve played it from the time I was in primary school, I had to stop in my final years of high school as my school did not offer it.

I have never had to take care of any animals or growing up so I am not sure how I would do in an environment of pets but I will be open to being taught about the process. I also can’t ride a bike, I never had access to one growing up so I never got to learn. Riding a bike would also be one of the things I would love to learn. It would allow me to explore Places without being limited by public transport times and schedules.

I intend on commencing swimming lessons sometime in February. As of now, it has been a while since I’ve gone swimming so I’m not confident enough about my swimming abilities.

I am more than willing to offer homework assistance and maybe even tutoring whenever necessary. I have experience tutoring younger children. I am also able to help around the house as I have been doing where I currently stay. I al familiar with most household tasks.

I am applying for the Au Pair program because I am looking for a position that will allow me to travel, meet new people and learn about their culture. I'm an active and creative person who is always motivated, and helpful and loves children. While travelling I would also want to get exposed to the different types of pastry around the world and hopefully one day become a pastry chef.

I hope to meet you soon!
Kindest regards