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Au pair Phornnapa in Thailand
Dear Host Family,
My name is Phornnapa , but my family and close friends call me Milk. I am 24 years old. I graduated from Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok with a Bachelor of Arts in English for International Communication. My family consists of seven people: my parents, three younger brothers, my grandmother, and I. My parents are drivers. I grew up in a large, modest family where I learned how to handle domestic tasks and, most importantly, how to care for my younger brothers. Our family is extremely welcoming, caring, and supportive. I enjoy working with children. I am responsible, trustworthy, calm, clean, enjoyable to be around, and adaptable. I can also drive a car and ride a bike. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking with my mother. My younger brothers and I frequently go swimming. I also enjoy learning a new language, playing badminton, and snorkeling.
For my childcare experience, I was a child caregiver as a volunteer at Brain N Joy since November 2020 to March 2021. My duty was looking after children while they were eating and going to the toilet by themselves in hygienic ways. For children age 1-2 years, we let them try to learn many things on their own like speaking with easy words. For children 2-6 years old, we used the reason to explain why this was yes/no and had some small muscle control activities such as scribbling, eating and picking up some small projects. Also, I was a volunteer childcare provider at Brain N Joy from November 2020 to March 2021. My responsibility was to supervise youngsters while they ate and used the restroom independently and hygienically. For children ages 1-2, we allowed them to learn on their own, such as speaking with simple words, and we designed engaging and educational activities for them. We presented minor muscle control exercises such as sketching, eating, and picking up small objects to children aged 2 to 6. I also taught them to do their homework after school. Working at Brain N Joy has taught me patience and understanding of children. I was given extra time and received more experience in childcare. I've also learnt how to communicate with children who were upset or fighting over toys.
Moreover, I tutor in my neighbourhood and teach English to Yana. My responsibility is to support her while she is participating in an online course. There are moments when she has trouble with the English subject, and when this happens, I step in to help instruct and clarify for more details. In addition, I watch over her when she goes to the toilet and eats by herself. Furthermore, I have extensive childcare experience with my younger brother, whom I have cared for since they were born. When they were babies, I learnt how to change their diapers, bottle feed them, bathe and burp them. They have attended school since they were children and continue to do so. I love to teach children about responsibility, homework, and taking a bath on their own. In addition, I have completed the First Aid and CPR Training Course for the safety of children.
I want to be an Au Pair because I enjoy spending time with children and would be delighted to look after them. They make me joyful, and I enjoy watching them grow and develop. Furthermore, I want to obtain additional childcare experience and learn about the difference between Thai and European childcare approaches. Furthermore, I would like to enhance my English and have an opportunity to learn a third language. I believe I would make an excellent au pair because I have extensive childcare experience and a genuine interest in children. I have first aid training and can plan and organize safe activities for children. I can also cook and provide snacks or meals for them. Participating in this program, I believe, will be beneficial to my future.