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keyboard_arrow_down Why become a host family?
Being a host-family will give you a lot of advantages including affordable childcare solution and possibility to get acquainted with a new culture.

You will discover the joy of having more flexibility with the kids in the mornings, more time for family's regular activities, etc. While living with a family, an Au pair participates not only in childcare but also in other related activities, ranging from light housework to babysitting, or even helps older children develop particular skills (such as learning a new language or sport).

You will get a new family member who will assist you in taking care of the children and will participate in family life. Au pair will follow and get the kids to/from school /kindergarten, play with them and help to do home tasks, help with housework

Joining the Au pair Program will enrich your family life in many different ways. It will make your life more exciting, interesting and funny.

keyboard_arrow_down   How much does it cost to find the right Au pair for your family?
Our fee is 4.000 SEK. You pay only in case you have found a concrete Au pair, which is facilitated by us and which you agree with.

To ensure the highest possible satisfaction we include a "three months guarantee", which means that you will be offered a new Au pair without additional charge, in case either party (the Au pair or the host family) wishes to terminate their stay. If such situation occurs, we will work effectively for a quick solution.

keyboard_arrow_down What is an Au pair?
Au pairs are young people from other countries, aged between 18-30 years. Au pair lives with Swedish family during one year. The stay is extended to maximum 12 months and it cannot be renewed. Au pair helps with child care and takes part light household duties. In return, the host family offers board, lodging and pocket money to her/him. If the person has a permit to work as an Au pair, she/he are consequently not permitted to work as a nanny or housemaid full-time or combine some other work.

Being an Au pair for a family, and in turn, a guest in their home, the Au pair tends to participate in many of the family activities and is treated as part of the family. Thus, participating in an Au pair program can, therefore, be a very exciting and interesting experience for both the Au pair and the family.

In accordance with the provisions of the European Council's working hours, an Au pair is set to a maximum of 25 hours per week, in any case not more than 5 hours / day (occasional babysitting is possible one-two times per week). Working hours shall be arranged so that the au-pair should have at least one free day besides Sunday and full opportunity to take part in liturgical services. Au pair will have the opportunity to attend Swedish language courses and leisure activities.
keyboard_arrow_down Our help
Once you register as a host family, we will review the list of Au pairs from our database and send you the profiles of the perspective candidates, which we think might suit your family.

There is no registration fee and registration is optional. However, we suggest you to register and put all the information you consider as necessary about your family. It is recommended to attach a letter in your profile, where you describe your family life, leisure and interests and add some pictures. Family profile and pictures will be sent to Au pairs only after your approval.

We organize telephone interview between host families and Au pairs. In most cases, you will be provided with references from the current or previous employer of the candidates (we can also check the references upon your request)

We highly recommend both Au pair and host-families to discuss all the details before making the agreement. Please, be honest and realistic. Remember that she/he will be a part of your family life during the whole year. Communication and openness – these are the key words before and during Au pair’s stay.

Further, we will help you with the necessary documentation and guidance in the process for the work and residence permit. activities.
keyboard_arrow_down   What if the deal does not work anyway?
As a host family, you should not expect everything work smoothly from the very beginning Please note that it might take time for Au pair to get used to host-family the life style. In many cases, a nice chat and open discussion helps to solve a problem.

If things still do not work out, we do our best to find a new Au pair for your family. We offer 3 months guarantee service, which means that you will not be charged extra for new the replacement (if you decided to get a new Au pair within first 3 months).

If the au-pair wishes to change host family, she/he must apply for a new work permit. Au-pair may not start as an Au pair for a new family until she/he has received a new permit.
keyboard_arrow_down Requirements for the Host Families:
  • Host family can have only one Au pair at a time. There must be one or more minor children in the host family and Au pair has to be treated as a part of the family.
  • Host family is supposed to speak Swedish daily and represent Swedish culture to the Au pair.
  • Host family must provide Au pair with the chance to learn Swedish language. An Au pair working schedule must be organize the way, which give her/him the opportunity to attend language classes.
  • Host family is required to provide board and lodging for the Au pair and give to her/his disposal a separate suitable room. Besides free food and lodging, the host family will pay the salary (pocket money) for the Au pair amounting to at least 3.500 SEK per month before taxes.
keyboard_arrow_down Requirements for the Au pairs:
  • Age: between 18 and 30 years (both years included). In addition, the Au pair must be able to show that she/he has a distinct interest in or use for Swedish language studies and also she/he could speak and understand English or Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German.
  • It is usually a requirement that the applicant has not previously had any Au pair’s stays in other western European countries, as this will reduce the chances of being granted a permit in Sweden.
  • The main purpose of the Au pairs' stay in Sweden is to study the Swedish language and to broaden his/her knowledge of Swedish culture. The Au pair is required to attend a language courses.
keyboard_arrow_down What does it cost to have an Au pair?
Minimum salary (pocket money) for Au pairs is 3.500 SEK per month (before taxes). The Au pair must be provided with free food and lodging with the family. Pocket money covers the cost of private consumption. Pocket money and the value of free board and lodging are taxable.
The Au pair’s salary is agreed in the contract and does not depend on the duties (like number of children to take care of etc).
keyboard_arrow_down Travel costs:
Au pair is the one who is responsible for her travel cost. However, if the host family is willing to share ticket expenses, it is suggested that they do so after the Au pair has stayed with them for at least half of the agreed time. The host family is not required to pay Au pair’s return ticket.
keyboard_arrow_down Information about Swedish education courses:
The website of the Swedish institute is a good place to start looking for a school in your area: Private schools and other institutions offer evening classes in several languages, including Swedish and English. The following links will come in handy:
At SFI Swedish for immigrants schools (Svenska för Invandrare) you can get free Swedish lessons if you have a residence permit and a personal identity number:
keyboard_arrow_down Social Insurance in Sweden:
Social insurance is an important part of the Swedish social security system. The Swedish social insurance covers everyone that lives or works in Sweden. The Au pair is covered by social security in the country. It is not a requirement to have insurance to work in Sweden, however, it is advised that an Au pair has both health and travel insurance.

The Au pair has to be registered with Swedish Tax Office (Skatteverket) after arrival to Sweden in purpose to get her/his personal number and Health Insurance card. The Au pair will be covered by the Swedish Health Service during her/his stay. The host family shall ensure that the Au pair is registered with Skatterverket.

keyboard_arrow_down How long does it take for Au pair to come?
An estimated time of 2-3 months is usually required to process the Au pairs' application for a work permit in Sweden.
keyboard_arrow_down Termination
Both, the Au pairs and the host families have the right to cancel the contract within two weeks (14 days) notice. Both parties may also cancel the contract with immediate effect in cases of serious misconduct (breach of contract) from one party, or if other serious circumstances make it necessary.
The same also applies if the Au pair’s stay terminated because the contract expires at the agreed time. If the Au pair wants to change host family, she/he has to apply for a new permit.
keyboard_arrow_down If the Au pair becomes ill?
If the Au pair becomes ill during their stay, the host family will provide free room and board until appropriate measures have been arranged. It is also the host family's responsibility to register the Au pair to the Tax Office (Skatteverket) in order to get Health Insurance card. We strongly advise for Au pair to register as otherwise, in case of illness, visiting the doctor for medical treatment in Sweden would cost very expensive for her/him.
keyboard_arrow_down Terms of Business
  • If you do not find and hire a candidate shown in the database of 'ENERGY Au pair', you will not have to pay for the search. This clause will be terminated, if other agreement has been made, for ex. doing the paperwork towards the public authorities.
  • Payment terms are 10 days from the date invoice. The invoice will be issued at the time as the contract/agreement between the host family and the Au pair. Later invoicing can be made if circumstances make this necessary.
  • Price of the services: The price of the service is at this time:
    - matching Au pair and host family: 4.000 SEK
  • “ENERGY Au pair” hereby undertakes the supply of the Au pair for your family with 3 months guaranty for free replacement from the day of Au pair’s arrival to the host family.
  • By receiving an Au pair from “ENERGY Au pair”, the host family declares that they accept and abide the regulations given by the national legislation.
  • The host family agrees to be responsible for Au pair’s visa in Sweden during her/his stay in the family. She/he will also obtain own room and full board as long as she/he stays with the family as an Au pair.
  • If the Au pair is unable to fulfil the contract due to personal reasons, “ENERGY Au pair” shall be notified about it beforehand. In that case “ENERGY Au pair” would arrange a new Au pair (max. one replacement per paid contract) within 3 months guaranty from “ENERGY Au pair” and without any extra charge to the host family.
  • Agreed fee to “ENERGY Au pair” (which is not refundable) for the service shall be paid according to invoice. Payment terms are 10 days from invoice date. The host family agrees to not receive the Au pair till the fee has been paid in full.
  • The main purpose of the Au pairs' stay in Sweden is to study the Swedish language and to broaden her/his knowledge of Swedish culture. The host family therefore is obliged to guarantee that the Au pair will have enough spare time to attend a Swedish language courses.
  • The Au pair is personally responsible for any damage made by her in the host family’s home and “ENERGY Au pair” or anyone of their staff is NOT responsible for the actions of the Au pair.
  • If the host family does not follow the “ENERGY Au pair” agreement or previously agreed contract with the Au pair, she/he can be replaced without compensation to the host family.