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Au pair Ana in Peru
Hello Dear Family!

I hope you have been good in health and having a nice day. It is a pleasure for me to tell you a little about myself. My full name is Ana Gabriela Cuadros, I am 27 years old and live in Lima which is the capital of Peru. I studied at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) and I have a Bachelor Degree in Communication and Marketing. I used to work at iShop an Apple Premium Reseller in Peru where I was part of the Sales Staff and then promoted to Store Manager. I loved working there for almost 4 years because I was always in contact with people that need help with their Apple products, and I consider it is one of my favorite brands. One of my hobbies nowadays is riding bike and since the pandemic started it is also my way of transport. Other hobbies I have are reading and watching movies, but my favorite is traveling, I love to know new places. I have traveled to many places in my country. Last year I went to Cusco to visit Machu Picchu which is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and to Piura to visit some of my favorite beaches which are Mancora and Los Órganos. I have also travelled to Arequipa, Huancayo and Ayacucho, and would like to visit some other places in my Peru.

My family is one of the most important things in my life. My mother is called Adriana Cuadros, she studied International Business and managed the customer service area in her company for more than 15 years. My father is called Gustavo , he is Commercial Director in a company that provides medical solutions and is dedicated to the sale of medical equipment. Both have been my motivation to become a professional and to always continue studying. I have 2 sisters, the older one is 23 years old and studies Industrial Design in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) and the youngest is 16 years old and is in high school. They are my best friends and I love to spend time with them watching movies or series now that we have our responsibilities and do not have so much time to spend with family.

My experience with kids started as a private English teacher of my little sister’s friends at the age of 17 when I started my university studies. I was able to develop my teaching skills in children based on patience and creativity in learning. I also learned that the best way of teaching is through example and in a playful way, always with love and respect. Among the activities that I carried out were the resolution of homework and the reinforcement of subjects of the study curriculum in mathematics, language and English. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to support the teaching of a group of 5 and 6-year-old girls based on their sports skills, specifically in volleyball, a sport that I practiced since I was little. This allowed me to reinforce my teaching skills and dealing with children, something that I consider very important to be a good Au Pair.
This experience (Au Pair) would be perfect for me as I am a happy, patient and very affective person with kids. I think this is an important intercultural experience as I am interested in getting to travel to new places to me and the possibility to continue my higher studies. I have the Spanish as native language and studied English in high school and in Britain Institute in Peru, so I have a good level of knowledge in this language too. In addition, I have no problem learning other languages such as German, Dutch, Italian, French or another. I have the support of my parents to take on the challenge of being an Au Pair and follow my dreams and I know it will be a beautiful experience for me.

If you made it this far, thank you very much for your attention.

It has been a pleasure meeting you.

Ana Gabriela