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Au pair Noleen in South Africa
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My name is Noleen

I am 25 years old. I live in South Africa in a small city called Pietermaritzburg. I live with my mom (Ronelle), my dad (Reggie) and my grandmother. I have an older sister (Coleen) who lives close by with her husband (Kerolyn) and my two nephews (Travae and Tristan). My mom is a secretary at the church we attend and my dad is a shoemaker. We are a very close family who loves to spend time together and go on adventures.

I would love to be an au pair because it would be amazing to take care of children every day, I would love to get to know the children that I will be taking care of as well as become a part of my host family. I loved all the children that I cared for and I was able to form a good bond with them as time went on. I love being outdoors in summer, playing and learning different kinds of sport outside or just relaxing in the sun at the park. I am a very active person and I love to get involved wherever I can. I am also a very organized person and I am always on time, I plan ahead so that I arrive early rather than late. I am a little bit shy, although once I’m comfortable I am very happy and bubbly as well as outgoing and I am willing to try anything new.

I gained most of my child care experience by being an Au Pair as well as being a Sunday school teacher at the church I attend. These experiences were amazing and really helped me to understand children better. While working as an Au Pair for two years, I took care of two children and this thought me how to work out conflicts between them and how to compromise. At first the kids were shy but I interacted with them with topics they were interested in and as days went on they started to open up to me. We played games and read books. When I assisted the children at Sunday school it helped me to learn that children have different personalities which can be difficult to deal with but I learnt how to compromise with each of them as time went on.

I am responsible and you can definitely rely on me to take care of your children and help them with all that they are in need of. I am also faithful, loyal, trustworthy and very supportive. I am a person who loves to work with children and I also complete and perform the work that is given to me with great devotion, commitment and ambition. When working with children I feel absolutely confident. I also know how important it is to offer them individual attention and it would be a pleasure to spend that time with them. Rules are also very important when working with children. The security, happiness and well-being of the children is the most important thing and will be my first priority and my main concern.

I do not want to be a stranger to the children instead I want to be a part of your family. Together I want to be able to resolve complications that the children have without doing it with tension and anger. I want to be so close to the children that they are able to call me their friend and I want to be a role model to them. I am an energetic and innovative person who is always motivated and ready for new experiences. In all kinds and every situation, I will be patient. The two very vital strengths that I possess are open mindedness and adaptability. This is the reason why I am suitable to be a great au pair in your family. I am fully aware of all the duties and responsibilities of an au pair. I am also aware that I have to be mature and reliable at all times. I want to experience all of the holidays that your country celebrates that South Africa does not.
I can’t wait to live somewhere out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I look forward to spending time with your family and in your country and what it has to offer. Thank you for taking time to read my letter and learning more about me

Kind regards