The right au pair for the right Family



An estimated time of 3-4 months is usually required to process the au pairs' application for a work permit. It has to be arranged before going to Sweden.

A previous period spent as an au pair in another country immediately prior to the planned stay in Sweden could reduce the chances of you being granted a permit in Sweden. The reason is that this could be an indication that it is a question of regular work as a nanny or a similar position and not as an au pair.

Length of stay

A work permit can be granted for a period of 12 months maximum. It cannot be renewed.

Requirements to be granted a work permit

In order to be granted a permit you must have:
  • a valid passport
  • age between 18 and 30 (both years included)
  • be able to show that you have a distinct interest in or use for Swedish language studies
  • a certificate of admission to the course of study concerned/an acceptance letter from the school
  • a written invitation from your host family in Sweden stating the terms and conditions of your employment as an au pair (Employment offer)

Your host family must offer you the following

  • a maximum of 25 hours housework per week
  • a maximum of 25 hours housework per week
  • board and lodging
  • a minimum salary of SEK 5.250 per month before taxes

Travel costs

The Au Pair must bear the travel costs to Sweden herself/himself. If the host family is willing to share the expenses, it is advisable to do this after a successful staying of the au pair in the host-family. The host family is not required to pay for the au pair’s return ticket.

General requirements

An au pair lives with a family and receives payment for light household duties/taking care of children. The aim of the visit is to acquire international experience and to have the opportunity to learn Swedish and become acquainted with Swedish culture. If you have a permit to work as an au pair you are consequently not allowed to work in any other place.

Working hours

The Au Pair will have to work 25 hours a week maximum. In any case the au pair should not work more than 5 hours a day. The host family can request the au pair to do occasional baby-sitting once or twice a week in addition.

Language courses

The main purpose of the au pairs' stay in Sweden is to study the Swedish language and to broaden his/her knowledge of Swedish culture. The host family therefore is obliged to guarantee that the au pair will have enough spare time to follow a Swedish language course. The au pair is required to attend a language courses, she/he must be given the time for this purpose. The au pair must bear the costs herself/himself or the host family could bear these expenses by itself, it’s a decision between the host family and the au pair. There is no concrete cost of the Swedish language courses as it depends of different regions of the country.

Pocket money

About at least 5.250 SEK per month before taxes.


Taxes should be paid from the amount of the au pairs' pocket money. The tax percentage is estimated by the au pairs' monthly salary and the value of food and lodge the au pair receives. The au pair has to be registered with the Swedish Tax Office (Skatteverket) after arrival to Sweden. Both the host family and the au pair are reasponbile for paying the au pairs taxes.

Holidays for the au pair

According to Swedish law the au pairs are not entitled to clear number of calendar days off on vacation. Period of holidays is supposed to be agreed between the au pair and the host family, as it’s a decision of both of them.


Au pairs who will stay in Sweden for a limited time are not entitled to the same social benefits as permanent residents. We ask all the host families to buy health insurance for their au pair.

Work Permit

The average processing time for the au pair is 3-4 months. Au Pair may be granted a work permit no longer than for one year (maximum 12 months) and it cannot be renewed.

Before going back home

If you are leaving Sweden you should notify the Tax Office at least one week before departure ( 
You might want to close your bank account while you’re still in the country.